PBX Wiring Question

Hi, guys,

Does anybody know how to connect an extension to a PBX? What’s the pinout?
The brand of my PBX is Panasonic, is wiring pinout the same for all PBX?


Why would you post this question in a forum on FreePBX software?

If so, I understand the question. (In my environment, I connected the FreePBX setup to the main company PBX. The FreePBX connection is just for connecting to our Metal Shop across the road that is only connected to us over IP.

When I connected to the main PBX, which in my case is an ancient Nortel system, I just connected the FreePBX as if it was just another pair of phones. In my case, when a call comes in to the main PBX all phones ring, so I had to have the Nortel reprogrammed, to where those extensions would only ring when a call was made to them.

Something that I did not do, but should have, was to have the main PBX lines set to Disconnect Supervision. Disconnect Supervision is a setting in the Nortel for the system to automatically disconnect an outside line when it notices the call was terminated. It is commonly used when the system has a voicemail unit attached so when a caller hangs up you don’t get ghost messages.

Hope that helps