PBX to PBX trunk problems

Good morning everyone. I am new to freepbx and have run into an issue with routing calls between two freepbx servers at different locations. Both pbx’s make outgoing calls on the trunk to my sip provider, however, the sip trunk i have between the two isn’t routing. “Sip show peers” in the cli looks like they are connected fine but I get a “500 Internal server error” as a reply from the remote pbx. Below is a selection from my outbound system. I hope it contains the correct information.

Please post some information how you configured the trunks

Hope this helps, let me know if you need any more information. Thanks again for the help!
I can only add one image per post so ill add another reply with PBX2 information

Here is PBX 2

I guess there’s nothing too obvious? I’ve been watching my firewall to see if anything is getting blocked but didn’t see anything thats helpful…

I have followed this guide with success:

This is doable in the FreePBX GUI also, just edit the outgoing section and the register string, and you shouldn’t need anything in the incoming settings section.

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