PBX to PBX -PJSIP to SIP configuration?

Hello All,

IAX is giving me some inconsistencies, so I’m trying to configure PBX to PBX connection from PJSIP to SIP ( not running PJ on 2nd box ).
I can’t seem to hit the magic configuration between the 2.

Can someone provide a sample config or link to reference?


The most magical configuration is a single line…

on the PJSIP side:

SIP Server --> ip address of the other box

on the chan_sip side:

PEER settings:

host=ip address of the pjsip box

In other words, just point the IPs at each other. No auth, no registration.

If they are supposed to access each others’ internal extensions/dial plan, then set context=from-internal.

I have done several variations of this, including this very basic mode, and it either tells me
Failed to authenticate device
Endpoint: ‘SIP-XXX’: There were no auth ids available.

Are you using the same extension numbers on both systems? If you do, you will have problems where the user ID is matched first and the PBX issues an auth challenge.

No, unique and outbound routes also control that.

That’s the extent of my speculation. Post some logs and SIP captures if you want help analyzing.

I’m going to close the ticket, and force everything over PJSIP and forget about IAX.

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