PBX to PBX custom extension external number voicemail configuration

I have 2 FreePBX servers (let’s call PBX1 and PBX2) that are connected via IAX2 trunk and can successfully dial extensions between each other. On PBX1 I have 4digit custom extensions with follow-me (eg. 4000) that dial out to users cell phone with this in the ‘Dial’ line - Local/5554441111@outbound-allroutes

I chose custom extension over Misc Destination/Application because I could setup user’s voicemail with a custom extension. The plan is to use the voicemail with Time Conditions to send to user’s voicemail rather than their cell phone after hours.

If you dial the 4-digit extension on PBX1 it successfully dials the cell phone. If you dial the 4-digit extension from PBX2, it goes straight to the user’s voicemail on the PBX without attempting to dial out to cell phone. If I use Misc. Destination/Application and dial the 4-digit extension from PBX2, it connects to PBX1 and then successfully dials the cell phone, but I lose PBX voicemail capability this way.

Is there a way to have an extension that forwards to cell phone with voicemail account setup on PBX1 and have someone on PBX2 dial extension that connects to PBX1 and follow to cell phone?

You should first try to understand why it is behaving differently when you dial the extension from the other PBX, in theory the behaviour should be the same always, no matter where you are dialling from.

The /var/log/asterisk/full log file should have more information for you about why the calls are failing.

Thank you. I’ll pull the logs.