PBX to Landline

we have Freepbx setup with Zulu as our softphone of choice, no physical phones using VOIP. When one of our users answers a call or makes a call to a user(not on our system) who is using a handset to call/answer (works fine with cell phone calls) our user can’t be heard, at most the person on the other side hears is the call cutting in and out. Any pointers as to what may be causing this?

So you’re saying ANY inbound/outbound calls to ANY land line has poor audio quality? But ANY inbound/outbound call to ANY cell phone (you’ve tried different carriers) is fine?

What are you using for your phone line service? SIP? analog? who is your provider?


Provider is SIP trunks from SIPStation and we are using SIP. One caller specifically has had a lot of problems but this is also the caller that is on the phone the most. She has been able to narrow it down to always being an issue with land lines by attempting a call back to cell on the other end and it is fine.

We check jitter on her PC and it is 2-6 so our network / ISP seem to be fine?

Sorry for the delay, just saw this reply.

If it’s only to land lines then you need to talk to your sip provider and give them examples numbers you are calling and have them run a trace. I don’t use sipstation but my provider has always been able to trace down upstream issues with other providers and have them corrected. It sounds like this may be the case for you.

I’ve had several instances where calls to specific other carriers had horrible quality and my provider was able to re-route the calls or have the upstream carrier fix the issue on their end.

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