PBX testing server routing calls out PROD server

I’m sure it’s out there but I have not seen anything that has fixed my issue yet.

I’ve setup a test PBX server (same version as my PROD) and linked through an IAX Trunk.

Setup one extension on the test server and an outbound route to push all calls through to the trunk between them (only needing outbound call testing).

I can’t get the calls to route out the PROD server.

Trunk settings:





Not sure if this is not working or if I’m not passing the number through to go out the other side.

Let me know what other info you may need for troubleshooting.


The PROD server is using AT&T SIP Trunks.

With the IAX trunk between the 2 servers I get a message of reaching the limit of simultaneous calls when trying to call out from the TEST server.

Even calling an extension on the PROD server from the TEST server doesn’t work. I currently have extension routing working between 2 PBXes at the moment so I know how to do that. Just not sure why it fails here.

Outbound routes on the TEST server accept the extensions 9xxx, 64xx, and 28xx and route through the TEST-BS trunk.

Also in that same route setup, I have all of the standard dial patterns to capture any calls from the TEST machine and route through the trunk.

Watching asterisk -vvvvvrg I get no messages on the PROD server but the TEST server is spewing out messages like crazy. Just not sure what I’m looking for in the thousands of lines for a test call.

When using “friend” for the type, you are effectively establishing an inbound and outbound call path, so you have two of those set up for this trunk. You should be able to remove the BS-Test configuration and your testing should still work, or set the types to be “peer” and “user”, so that the bidirectional trunks are avoided.

On the other side, it sounds like (in your PROD server) that you are trying to connect the TEST server as an extension. That probably won’t get you where you want to go.

If you are using trunks, make sure your connection limit is set to a reasonable level (say, 24 to 1023).

I thought I was just creating a standard trunk. Usually I set it to USER instead of FRIEND, but I thought I saw it on the interwebs that it would pass the dialed number though if FRIEND was used. Figured that would be needed to allow the call to route as:

OutRoute(Test) -> Trunk(Test) -> Trunk(Prod) -> OutRoute(Prod) -> Trunk(AT&T)

So… I only need to setup FRIEND on one server?

I’ll push up my limit from 10 to 50 and see what that gets me.

I have basic (very?) of Asterisk/FreePBX. I’ve been maintaining our PBX for 5 years, but working 70-80 hours a week just to keep up on helpdesk makes time for learning anything other than basic maintenance unlikely. Talk down to me like I’m a 3rd grader. Please, not being sarcastic.