I’m trying to initiate a call by dropping a file in the spool folder like this:

$callfile = fopen(“…/temp/$filename.call”, “w”) or die("Error generating c$
fwrite($callfile, “Channel: Local/[email protected]/n\n”);
fwrite($callfile, “CallerID: API Call <1010>\n”);
fwrite($callfile, “Context: api-callee-process\n”);
fwrite($callfile, “Extension: s\n”);
fwrite($callfile, “Priority: 1\n”);
fwrite($callfile, “SetVar: json=” . $postdata . “\n”);

I’m passing in a json string which contains config info that is used by my dialplan.

pbx_spool.c - Skipping extremely long line at line 6 of /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/380699346.call

My json is about 2000 chars and the limit is 1024.

If I edited this module to increase the limit would I just need to recompile it and drop it into the modules directory, or does the whole FreePBX need recompiling?

Or is there a better way?


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