PBX Solution to manage multiple numbers for multiple locations

I oversee two businesses. Each business has under 5 employees. I’d love to find a solution where I could manage both numbers simultaneously. Currently I utilize google voice. Each number is accessible by that location’s employee’s phone, so the phone is always accessible to answer. The main location has been in operation longer so we have enough traffic to not have to worry about losing the google voice account due to inactivity… the other location is managed by my in-laws, who are slowly building their location… I’m having to log into google voice periodically and call myself and a few other numbers so google doesn’t recycle the number. Yes I’m using the free google voice, I’m aware I can upgrade… I want to see if there is a way to more directly manage both numbers at a reasonable rate.

FreePBX hosted in a VPS would work well.

Is there any reason you aren’t doing that? Are you looking for some advise to set that up?

Sure, what specific advice are you seeking?

Yes. I’d love some advice on how to set it up. This all fairly new to me. I’ve worked on websites for ages, but never had to dive into this end of the pool until recently.

If you are new to voip, there is a lot of learning you’ll need to do.

Start with a virtual machine loaded with FreePBX to learn the basics.

Then eventually move to a VPS when you can host your FreePBX for both businesses.

Lastly you’ll need a SIP trunk which has your phone lines.