PBX IAF box with one line down

We’re working on a client’s older PBX box w/ a four-port FXO-FXS card in it. One of the two lines in the client’s office is non-functional (since 10 days ago), and the client has only been able to make calls out once the working line is in use. After restoring root access (unknown/lost password), we were able to get into /var/logs/messages and check for errors. The only ones of note (searching for “module”, results in April, Sept, & Oct) were “Power alarm on module 1, resetting!” but the line stopped working in October, so that’s doubtfully the cause (?).

When the problem occurred, the client claims he was in the Flash Operator Panel and after clicking on an arrow next to one trunk’s status light, he got a reset/hiccup onscreen but didn’t know what the security code was. But the traffic logs in Reports (in FreePBX admin panel) show no traffic through that trunk since late August.

The box is three years old and our former system builder thinks it may be related to echo cancellation.

Any thoughts here? Thanks in advance.

If you read these forums you know my feelings on this. You should not be charging clients for support of a system when you don’t have any experience. It only gives FreePBX a bad name.

FOP has nothing to do with the issue.

Have you used DAHDI tools to check status of the card and drivers?

Have you looked at DAHDI channel status in Asterisk?

Have you looked at DAHDI settings in Asterisk?

From shell:


service dahdi status

From Asterisk CLI:

dahdi show channels
dahdi show channel x, where X is channel # from above
dahdi show status

Thanks. We’re out of practice is all, and we’re accepting the client’s bad-name blame, not the box.

We will try this, and are looking for outside help as well (paid). The notes on FOP, etc. were just to inform on client’s actions, not presume on the cause (obviously had to be something behind FOP).

So, our builder reports he had already run all these Zaptel tests (before your post) (it’s a 3-year-old box), and everything was showing fine. This client requested that we do no regular maintenance on this box after we installed it, and has boned us in the past by changing settings on other systems and denying that he made those changes (even when we could see his changes in logs). He dumped this on us after we hadn’t dealt with him for ~2 years, so we’re just trying what we can, and will look at their lines next (swapping the two to see if one is bad, plugging an analog phone in on each line).

…but with the power alarm notification, I’d check that the molex power connector into the FXO card is seated correctly.

FXO’s don’t need power from the molex, FXS do.