PBX for multiple numbers and locations

Our business currently uses a service called ringcentral.com. We currently have 3 physical locations with several different phone numbers. It is currently costing us $25 a month per phone.

What I wanted to know is would it be possible to setup a pbx box at one location, then have all our phones connect to it from different locations? Would this be possible?

Thanks for any help.


Yes. VPN Back to central location where Server is located, Phones can then be installed pretty much as if they were local to the server. Probably can use the same phones you are using for Ring Central.

You should also take a look at SIPstation.com you could purchase you would purchase trunks for your PBX (enough to cover your concurrent calls), add or port your DIDs and, add e911 addresses for your locations (you can assign a separate e911 address to the primary DID for each location) and then utilize extension routing module to make sure the phones at each location route out the correct emergency outbound route for their address.

With the SIPStation module you can probably have this set up in 5-10 minutes, so you’ll get great service, save money and you will be supporting the FreePBX Project at the same time.