PBX End Point Manager showing as

When I upgrade PBX End Point Manager to, it sayd that it upates successfully but the version number is not changing. module.xml shows the old version.

Yes I know. I think it’s fixed now. Please let me know.

I just tried to upgrade to, process upgrade was completed but it is still showing in Module Admin as with upgrade available.

I can confirm the update bug. Module admin Shows current and availible Update When processing the update it says everything went fine, however module still reports and gives the option to update.


This is not happening to me so unfortunately I am unable to help

Any ideas?

If the only price you pay for free is that the version # shows up wrong, then I’d give serious consideration to ignoring it.

I have the same issue Andrew and Philippe and I looked at it and he is emailing you what the issue is.

AdHominem - Considering this is a forum for reporting bugs i assume the developers want to know about them. I don’t believe you saw any demand for a fix. I am for than grateful for ALL the hard work and time of ALL devs. Thanks for your suggestion however… But my real question is… IS the module actually updating? Where can the version be checked?

As Tony said it’s not updating. It’s a complicated issue.