PBX > Conference dropping calls

Hi all:

Strange issue that I am trying to understand with the conference facility (PBX > Conference)

The following situations are true:

  1. Internal connections to conference – appears unlimited
  2. External to conference with extension connected – limited to 1 external connect and further externals are kicked
  3. External to conference with no extensions – limited to 2 external calls and the internal extensions are kicked.

The FreePBX version is 2.8.1 installed from an Elastix 2.3 ISO in Dec 12 and not updated subsequently. I use (legal) G.729 codec – 5 channel. We don’t have five simultaneous connections. The DID supports multiple simultaneous connections. Call quality is usually good and that is another issue – the call quality via the conference system is not the best, but that is not a problem at the moment (lol).

Any clues as to where I might start looking for issues?

Thank you.

It is a bit unclear if you are using a Meetme conference or using the conferencing/3-way calling on your phone.

Hi Alan:

Sorry, I am using Meetme conference. Thanks

How many trunks do you have?

Hi Bill:

I have one SIP trunk. Thanks :slight_smile:

If you have only one trunk, you can make only 1 inbound or outbound call at a time. i trunk equals one connectionn.

Hi Bill:

Sorry, we were talking at cross purposes. I can have up to 5 simultaneous calls with my current set up. I have one SIP trunk, but that will support 5 simultaneous calls/channels.

Thank you :slight_smile:


This issue is definitely related to licensing, so I have converted all internal phones from G.729 to G.722 which has freed up a couple of G.729 licenses. Next I have been advised to configure my dial plan to convert incoming calls to G.722 on my conference line before Asterisk answers it. That should work just fine, and free up all of my g.729 licenses. I will let you know what happens.

Thank you.