PBX Camera?

Hello i know this is a long shot. But I’m using the cisco 9971 phone i know it is a bad phone to use. But the problem I’m having is that i would like to use my camera on it to call in the other room that has the same cisco 9971 phone with the same camera on to talk back and forth. I enable the camera in the pbx settings also the camera works in the phone with self view but how can i do a video call from the one phone to another? Can someone please help me out.

Just a long shot but did you enable video support in the Settings… SIP Settings… tab… Chan SIP Settings…

I just found the problem and fixed it a few minutes ago.

In the phone it has a XML file to make the phone work. in that XML file in a area of extensions and Lines has Camera enable and video streaming supported. Both set to 1 and 0. So camera camera was on because i could do a self view and camera comes up. But no streaming video so i put a 1 in the video streaming and rebooted the phone. Now I’m able to get do video.

Thank you

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