PBX Call Accounting Module

Hi there,

I noticed there is a module called PBX call accounting.

On the Freepbx web Gui, the module shows as being a commerical module, but on the Freepbx site, it is no where to be found to buy, purchase etc. Am I blind, or missing where to find details?

Hi @koreyb

You need to buy this module from portal just like any other commercial module.
https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/Commercial+Modules can be useful for you to refer. thanks.

Oddly, unless I’m not seeing it, that module is not listed.

I also do not see it anywhere on the portal pages https://portal.sangoma.com/index.php/store/displayStore#freepbxsystems
It is also not listed on https://www.freepbx.org/store/commercial-modules/

Do you not have a buy button within the FreePBX module admin?

Edit apparently not. See follow up post.

I just installed the module on a system.

There is no buy button in Module admin.

There is also no valid link to purchase it from the Module landing page once installed.


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