Pbx block , network error every 60 minutes

Currently running Asterisk 1.4.37-BRIstuffed-0.4.0-RC9.
My asterisk server giving no response every 60 minutes!
any help will be much appreciated.

already double checked, wire, switch etc etc.
there is no error in the network, but it continues disconnecting.

You in effect sya “It’s broken!” .; There is no answer possible without a detailed description of your so far attempted diagnoses and supporting evidence from any appropriate log files.

Thanks for your response, but No, its not broken. Its starts working but constantly executing some kind of Service im not able to look over it.
Can you please give me some advice what should i do to record, log or something like that, at least to have an idea what is causing me , its hardware or software!
IM totally new to this kind of machines and software and i feel impotent.
Please any advice and help is much appreciated.
i can give you any log or error codes but seems a alien language to me. :frowning:


Sorry, but there is no way that anyone can help you here if you have absolutely no knowledge of your system or how it works. Almost everything is already covered when it comes to “. . .record,log or something like that . . .”, you can start by reading the wiki here a few times and then adding some google searches as you go along. When it does not feel like an alien language any longer, then us aliens might be able to add clues. For an immediate solution, I think you need to find a consultant or pay for professional help here (http://www.freepbx.org/support-and-professional-services) until you crack that barrier.

Good Luck

I don’t even know what “gives no response” means.

Does that mean you can’t type at the console, you can make calls on network but not off network?

Also is English your first or second language?

English is my third language, however.
Sorry, i had to give an exact description of what happens.

  1. I’m actually connected with PUTTY in SSH with my PBX.
    Gives no response = Putty <-> PBX INACTIVE.
  2. When i try to reconnect, yes it connects but…
  3. Every 59-60 Minutes i have this connection Failure.
    Its a bit frustrating and maybe for my English hard to explain but to me seems a DEAMON, Software, Process that is running every hour and not going to succeed it CRASHES !
    So, how can i find witch one of these processes, through LOG or something like that, is causing me this.
    Thank you in advance & sorry for my bad english.

If ssh and asterisk and Apache are all stopping at the same time every hour, suspect that your machine has been “rooted” . Check for unrecognized con jobs, and check your world writable temp and other directories for rogue she’ll scripts. Almost all legitimate DAEMON’S will log to the /var/log/ directory. You can check there.

thank you very much. i’ll do it.