PBX 16 not doing a FULL backup

Hi everyone. I am not sure why my PBX won’t complete a full backup. My current backup does not restore system recordings, announcements and on hold music. I’m guessing because these are custom recordings. I also know that the custom recordings folder has moved when i upgraded from version 13 to 16. Any advise would be great as to which folders i need to include in the backup to actually complete a full backup? Thank you for the help

I have the same issue here: no extensions, trunks, announcements, routes after I restore. .tar archive contains all announcements but PBX doesn’t restore.
But in my case I try to restore backup from the same version (migrate to another computer)
FreePBX 16.0.33

Backup and Restore FreePBX 15+ - PBX GUI - Documentation

Step4c: Add Custom directory to backup file.

This is an important step if we need to add any custom data/files to backup file. By default it shows “ASTETCDIR” to include *_custom.conf files into the backup. We can remove this directory as well.

Also by default, “call recording” files are not added to the Backup file. To add Call Recordings, we just need to add “ASTSPOOLDIR/monitor” directory as a Customer Directory.

You just have to add and directory you want backed up and it will be included.

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Thank you for the reply. I’ll be testing this backup and let you know how it goes.


The asterisk user does not have the authority to access /root

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