Pbdirectory sounds are american. Where can I find GB sounds?

I am trying to locate British female sounds for the asterisk phonebook directory.

Does anybody know the location of these sounds?

If not is it possible to edit other asterisk sound files for this purpose??

Also can anybody tell me ALL locations for sounds? (I am using samba to access the files).

Thankyou in advance for any help you can offer.

Hey, whats wrong with ‘American’?
On a more serious not: GOOGLE IT

But almost all the other sounds have been updated to GB and it doesn’t sound professional when a customer wishes to use the phonebook in the IVR and hears two different voices.

I have googled it and will continue to do so.

Thankyou for your suggestion.

oh, I didnt realize you were looking for the prompts that are included in FreePBX. I haven’t seen anything of the sort…

We buy all our sounds prompts from Westany (www.westany.com) .They’ve got very proffesional sound prompts for most of the freepbx features…