Pay someone for help? SCCP and FreePBX

Hi! I’m new to the forums but not to FreePBX. I’ve always used SIP for my 7960s but this has really garnered my interest for utilizing the native functionality of this phone. However, I’m really racking my brain and coming to dead ends on trying to get this set up.

I really want to get this phone system completed, however I’m not finding enough documentation on the SCCP for Asterisk driver functioning. I’ve got a call into the FreePBX team, but I’m totally game to paypal someone to help me finish my project. My distro is CentOS 5.4. Here’s as far as I’ve gotten with installing the driver (I’m selecting Y to all of the modules:

After it finishes config.h completes, it only compiles chan_sccp.

I would simply provide one word of caution here. Make sure it’s really worth it. There are a lot of people who run SIP with their Cisco phones on FreePBX. It has some corner case issues but in general works reasonably and if you run into problems you will find a lot of people with experience on it.

If you move to Skinny you are going to be dealing with less tested channel driver and much smaller population. FreePBX provides not native support for Skinny though you can configure your config files and then use custom extensions or try to patch FreePBX with a patch sitting in the bug tracker for Skinny, though you will have to deal with patching it every time you upgrade the core module.

So unless there is something beyond “intrigue” you may want to really think about the decision.