Pausing Call Recordings


I’m pretty new to FreePBX, trying to get my company to start selling it as I’m tired of using proprietary PBX’s that are never updated and have next to no support options.

However, what I need to know is if it is possible for recordings to be paused. I’ve got it set to record all calls because thats how I need it, however I need to have the ability to pause/unpause a recording, for when taking payment details (by law I can’t record these).

We have a similar set up on another client site using some horrible locked down equipment, but it works. The user hits the “5” key, the recording blanks until the user hits “5” again.

Any idea how/if I can replicate this functionality in Astericks/FreePBX? I don’t want the users having to hit a record button everytime they answer a call.

Much appreciate any help,

You could do it with asterisk “features”

you will need to add to





You would need to do that in the appropriate /etc/asterisk/features*_custom.conf files.

Thanks @dicko , I’ve been trying to get that working as I found that article myself, however I lack the know-how to get it working. I’ve added the lines I believe I require, reloaded, messed with various extension settings, but I haven’t got it to work.

Perhaps show us your work . . .

( from bash:- rasterisk -x “features show” )

But a little research show that you will need to be using monitor and not mixmonitor, so you will need to expand your “features” and perhaps a little custom work to use the older application instead .

Or perhaps a feature code to toggle between StopMixmonitor, and restarting mixmonitor with the -a (append) flag on the same file.