Pause / Stop Call Recording for Credit Card details - UK PCI-DSS Compliance


I have a request so that call recording stops automatically when calls are transferred to particular ring group of people who deal with credit card payments - this portion of the call cannot be recorded. Unfortunately, if call recording is enabled for the user that recieves the call from trunk, the entire call is recorded no matter who it is transferred to.

I was able to implement a decent enough fix by utilizing a modified version of the [sub-record-cancel] sub that causes recording to be cancelled. I copied and modified this sub to not delete the cancelled recording and called it when a call entered this particular ring group. The solution is good, however it stops recording for the call entirely even if it is transferred beyond this particular ring group after the credit card details are taken.

I’m looking for a slicker solution that stops the recording when it enters this particular ring group, and starts again when transferred back out.

Anyone got any pointers - half assed scripts - any other info to help me on my quest?

Tested on :

FreePBX 2.11
Asterisk 1.8 & 1.11

I am actually looking for a solution to this problem also. If anyone is so kind to provide some help, it would be greatly appreciated :smile:

Kind Regards,
Ilias Sarantoglou

I am pretty sure that you can use the “callrecording” module that will override the recording option and you can select the destination of the call after they are sent there… Might consider making a Misc Application that points to the CallRecording module, then direct that to another ring group once the recording option is changed to “Never”?

It’s not quite that easy, the recorded file uses app_mixmonitor and cannot be “paused”, it can be stopped and with some customization can be "appended to with the -a option, you might need to write that value to the asteriskdb before stopping it and your context would need to pick up that value and recall mixmonitor (with the -a option ), I would do that with an AGI script called by a “feature code”

I have success with the exact method that I mentioned. We have the same issue with customers who opt to not be recorded when they call in to customer service… I send them to the Misc Application that goes to the CallRecording Manager module, with NEVER setting, then to a new Ring Group that I assign a “CID Name Prefix” to, denoting that it is not recorded. Maybe I am not understanding the request, but I have reread it a couple of times and I am pretty sure that it is almost identical to my situation.

BTW I am using the FreePBX Distro and all GUI settings in this situation.

Seems to indicate that your solution would be incomplete for the OP.

Like I said, maybe I just didn’t fully understand the problem. :blush:

I would imagine that they would need to create a new Misc Application and Ring group to start recording again.

I have searched for a feature code option to start, pause, and stop recording and have never found anything close. If this exists, it would solve and simplify this for me as well. :slight_smile: Mid-call press (for example) *122 to start recording, *123 to Pause recording, *124 to stop recording… I would have tears of joy if someone had a solve similar to that…

With respect, FreePBX is very good at what it does, this use case is to my current knowledge not covered as yet, if you find a way to that within the GUI, then please post it.

I have had to do a similar thing a long time ago, to maintain continuity (and discontinuity ) of mixmonitor over various dialplan transitions. I posted my analysis of what needs to be done and why, and my particular approach to the problem’s resolution. in my case the agant(s) just need toggle *9 while in a call. the agi script will do all the heavy lifting, including stating that the recording is paused/unpaused with a time stamp and a reason when that is needed. Asterisk is in itself a lot more than FreePBX :wink:


Agreed… Your comment pretty much covers what I was looking for, and possibly steve101101 as well. I am relatively comfortable with non-gui edits. Would you happen to have the content or link to it, of your solution? *9 toggle sound like a far easier solution, even if there is nothing in the GUI to control it. :smile:

Sorry, That would be a “commercial” solution, someone already bought and paid for it :slight_smile:

Arg… Ok… but do they resell it or is it a lost cause? I have purchased commercial modules and I am not afraid to pay for quality code/modules. :smile:

Ask franklin, he bought a variation.

I hadn’t paid attention to the name of the poster of the message from the other thread. I just realized it and I had already sent my email address as an interested buyer. Thanks! I still think that the entire community would greatly benefit from this feature. :slight_smile: Maybe we need to rethink the investment options in the project so that we can target the “donations” toward features that more of us have interest in. Just a thought.

We here sometimes need to comply with HIPAA

Unfortunately, the current FreePBX use of recordings or un encrypted RTP (amongst other things) is not stringently compliant, (the fines are quite onerous for non compliance) Financial transactions are also a cause for concern, merely having DTMF logging in log file could get you in hot water. Just a heads up for those who take a dentist or something like as a client :slight_smile:

i was looking to setup pause or mute call recording when taking credit card details via dtmf is it possible before client enters card number they press # which caused MOH to be played to the agent, when client finishes they enter # again which brings the agent back online