Pause between IVR and passing calls to ring groups

On about my 4th installation of this now, and this is the first time I have seen this…

I’ve set the inbound route to a time condition,
time condition if true passes the call to the IVR
User hears the IVR announcement and press say option 1
then is then a delay of between 8 and 10 seconds before it starts ringing the ring group
if the inital ring group don’t answer the call within the allocated time it passes the call to another ring group - again with a 8 to 10 second pause before the next ring group actually rings.

I did at one point have CID Superfecta installed, and thought this was the cause of the pause. So I removed this via the module admin, but they are still getting this pause…

Any ideas why this is happening or where the pause is coming from?

I just setup a IVR with a ring group and I am having the exact issues. About 8-10 seconds after I press an option before it starts ringing my extension or ring group.

anyone solve this?

Without logs, it’s all guesswork.


This is all new to me. doing all of this with trial and error.
Which log or how do I post log?

Share a call trace using pastebin:

In the IVR, try setting Force Strict Dial Timeout to No - Legacy.

If that doesn’t help, note that if you have Enable Direct Dial turned on and have extension numbers beginning with 1, the system must wait for the timeout before processing option 1, because it doesn’t know whether an extension will be dialed. You should either choose option numbers that don’t conflict with extensions, or have a separate option that must be pressed before dialing an extension.

If you still have trouble, paste the log and post a link here.

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Setting the Force strict Dial timeout to No-Legacy got it down to about 3 seconds. Thanks!

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