Patching Asterisk on FreePBX distro

Please forgive my ignorance…I’m pretty new to this.

I installed the 64 bit FreePBX distro (Stable-5.211.65-13). I’ve configured and got it running nicely, however, there are several feature of the Cisco (79x1) phones that I would like to take advantage of and are not enabled without being patched. I found some patches for asterisk 11.9.0 ( that I beleive will enable these features.

I’ve download the asterisk 11.9.0 source, patched, configured and did a make on…Ready to be installed; however, I’m thinking this will have some adverse affects on everything that I have configured thus far. Also, it appears that there are some asterisk source patches that were included with the FreePBX distro ( What kind of impact will doing the “make install” have on my current setup? Will the patches that were included with the distro be excluded by proceding? I assume so, and if that is the case is it possible to obtain these patches and apply them manually as I have the other patch?

Any guidance in this matter that anyone can provide would be most appreciated.



@tonyclewis will have to answer that for you.

We do not have public patches but we have SRPMs that have everything in the SRPM.

Hey, sorry to drag up an old topic, but I wanted to put this here since it’s on the front page of google when searching how to apply the cisco-usecallmanager patch to freepbx.

There is a new version of this patch which applies to asterisk 13.10.0, which is the version of asterisk used by the newest FreePBX - 10.13.66-15. So since we have Cisco 7900 phones, I wanted to get the cutting-edge FreePBX working with them. After several hours and much ado I have something to show for it, and here it is:

Here I have the shmz6 version of asterisk 13.10.0-1.shmz6.x86_64 patched with the cisco-usecallmanager-13.10.0 patch:

I have provided both an SRPM and an RPM and my notes of what was done to produce them.

To install it:
Make sure you are running version 10.13.66-15 of FreePBX:

Then download my asterisk13-core RPM and then simply:

fwconsole stop
rpm -Fvh --nodeps asterisk13-core-13.10.0-2.shmz6.x86_64.rpm --force
fwconsole start

I hope this helps someone! :smile:

PS: Sorry for the links not being links, I signed up just so I could post this, and it won’t let me post links because I am a new user, so you’ll have to copy/paste.