Passwording Paging groups?

I’m wondering if it can be done.

I’ve created a pin set and plugged it into the outbound routes and that works awesome but I’m looking to setup passwords for dialing mainly paging groups or even other extensions. (school environment)

Freepbx Stable-3.211.63-10
Polycom Soundpoint ip 335

Any ideas?

To answer my own question…

pin set pro and paging pro paid apps look like they’ll fit the bill nicely. Anyone care to share their experience with either?

Looks like I was incorrect. I read the user guides for both modules and neither are going to do what I was looking for…


anyone implemented something like this?

No their is nothing in FreePBX for that. We plan on integrating PIN Set pro into more modules but nothing at this time.

Ok, thanks. Any time frame on that?

A bit of a hack, and there may be unintended consequences, but you could place all public extensions in a unique context, say ‘from-internal-public’ then force users to prefix everything with a password number. Then in /etc/extensions_custom.conf define the context to analyse the leading digits for a match, if it matches strip the prefix and pass to ‘from-internal’ else terminate the call or even better to reception/switchboard. This is trivial if everyone shared a password, but requires work if you want users to have unique passwords that you can enable/disable at will.

The other thing you could do is have the public extension automatically dial to an IVR and prompt for a PIN. If the PIN is accepted, send to DISA dialtone and deal with failures however you want.

I’m looking to do the exact same thing at our school. I have the page pro software which we’ll use to play a recorded message (for emergencies). We’ll also use the page pro for our bell schedule. Really works pretty well. But we’d really like to either limit which extensions can send a page or setup a password for the page. You and I both know that if students figure it out, they WILL abuse the all-call paging. Would really like to see it built in to the page pro module, but I’m open to hacking a bit too.

This is a hack, or round-about way of achieving this, and I haven’t tested it in toto, but try this:

Create your page group, with a long enough and random enough number that can’t be dialed accidently. If that number is kept secure, that could be enough security, but if you want more security using pinsets, you can try this.

With the above page group number, create a custom trunk, in the custom area of the trunk, put local/[email protected]

Now, create an outbound route. In the outbound route dial rules, put the number people should dial to activate the page. Put the pinset in the proper place, and as the destination, put the trunk you just created.

You’ll have a flow that looks like this
Dial Page Number --> Outbound Route --> Pinset --> Trunk --> Page Group

Once again, no guarantees, but I have used a trunk in this manner to trigger other internal events. The only way you can see if it will work for you is to test it.


Just had a chance to play with this and it does work, but if the custom dial string:

local/[email protected]

doesn’t work. try

local/[email protected]$OUTNUM$


That’s actually a great solution

Yeah…even a blind pig finds acorns…

One more thing…you can use extension routing to limit which extensions have access to the page route.


The pinsets pro upgrade is now in our internal tracking system. Meaning it’s on the official list

Thanks for the info! I will look into the PinSetPro module along with a custom trunk/route for the paging extensions. I’ll post back my findings. Thanks again…