Password Protect IVR?

Is there any way to password protect an IVR? I want to have an Admin IVR that is password protected. Is it possible? FreePBX on PBX in a Flash machine. Asterisk . If anything else is needed please let me know!

You can add in the extra IVR like I suggested, or you could just change your unannounced option on the main IVR to be your password.

Right now I have two IVRs. A main one for general purposes that you press an un announced button to get to the admin. What you are saying is that I need to have a second IVR before the admin that will take in the password and take me to the one i want protected, right? Sounds easy enough.

Make a Security IVR that has i, t, and one other destination. Handle your invalid and timeout destinations as you feel appropriate. The final destination should be the password you select, and it should route to your Admin IVR (there shouldn’t be any other way to get to your Admin IVR). Then your calls to the Security IVR will only reach the Admin IVR if the caller knows your password.

Ok, I have the un-announced option and everything set up, but it always says (my recording) invalid selection. It worked for like an hour then quit. Should I try running update-fixes, or is it a bug? I am trying to use a 4 digit code

I do not think that tg=his would work, but could you put code in extensions-custom.conf like
exten => 236,1,Answer
exten => 236,2,Wait(1)
exten => 236,3,Authenticate(12345678)
exten => 236,4,Goto(IVR-Admin)
and make some custom/misc destinations/applications? or would that not work?