Password not setting properly

So i have set up my VOIP properly (As far as i can tell), however, when i try to connect through the softphone with the account it gives an unknown error, and when i look in the logs it gives this message:

[2015-05-23 13:37:14] NOTICE[1388] chan_sip.c:
Registration from ‘sip:[email protected]’ failed for
’’ - Wrong password

Can anoyone tell what causes this?

On our PBX the user is the extension number. Pretty sure that’s the intended usage.

Thanks, i figured it out myself!

I am now on the brink of success, but the last issue i am having is when i get to the IVR, and i hit 1 to call an external number (set up through a custom extension and a ring group). When i call the ring group from the internal number it works just fine, but when i call in from an external number it beeps twice and then starts “honking”. Is this intentional and how do i fix it?

Here is a pastebin from the debug logs, i couldn’t tell what bits were relevant or not, but the important parts start showing up when 0735268460 starts showing up.

Afraid I can’t help you here, I’ll leave this to the gurus.