Password length

Hi, we are using a bunch of cisco cp-7960 with sip firmware. The prblem we are having is that these phones will not take a sip password longer than 31 characters. FreePBX has a default length of 32 chars. wondering where i can change this setting to generate 31 char passwords.
Thank you

Settings, Advanced Settings, Size of generated sip secrets.

don’t have this option, i’m using FreePBX i remember seeing it some years ago on a different installation. but could not find it here.
Thank you!

In Advanced Settings, first enable:
Display Readonly Settings
Override Readonly Settings

thanks! this is exactly what i was looking for

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Are you sure about 31? When I tried it (granted, it was a long time ago) I couldn’t get them to accept a password longer than something ridiculous like 9 or 15… If it’s 31, then rock on.

they are working with 31 characters. maybe newer firmware