Password for Panel

What is the user and password to access the panel functions in FreePBX 2.4?

An authentication dialog appears and I have tried root/pw, admin/pw , amp/pw but no avail.


passw0rd is used to llow the execution of operations with the FOP. This passw0rd is set in the config files of the Fop.

Please note that the last time I looked at Trixbox, the FOP was exposed directly to the network, and is not behind any kind of .htaccess, so if you don’t change the passw0rd of FOP, anyone who has access to the PBX can play havoc with your PBX, and make phones ring, transfer calls, disconnect people, and in any case, know the names and extension numbers of everyone on the system, and the telephone calls they are making / receiving.

In PiaF the FOP is covered by .htaccess, the usename and passwords by default are wwwadmin/password or at a higher level, maint/password. Clearly these default passwords need to be changed as well, if you are exposing the box to an untrusted people.


Where i can change the FOP Password? in a web page i found that the file that contain that password is in var/www/html/panel/op_server.cfg
in the line that say: “security_code= password” but i see that the password is encrypted so… i want to change it but i dont know how.

i have Free PBX 2.5
i hope you answer my question please =)!

look in amportal.conf for the place to change it.

this is the line to change in amportal.conf

I found FOPPASSWORD=passw0rd in /etc/amportal.conf but I also found password=passw0rd in /etc/asterisk/cbmysql.conf as well.

Does it need to be changed in both places?