Password a Extension

Is there a way to password a extension for any outbound calls, the reason I have a customer, who’s phone is in the breakroom and want to restrict some user on outbound calls and leave inbound calls alone. When they make any outbound they have to enter a password first then the phone number


what i normally do if you have some extensions that need to use a pin code an some not is make an duplicate route add an pin code to that route. and use custom context to deny all other outbound routes except the one with the pin code. But until now I can not get Custom Context to work with Trixbox 2.4. But you can also do it manually with out Custom Context .

yes you may use vmauthenticate command in the dial plan

Syntx is :

exten => _X.1,NoOP
exten => _X.,2,VMAuthenticate(${CALLERIDNUM})
exten => _X.,3,Dial(Zap…)