Passing Extension CID on Outbound Call

We have a Freepbx (2.11) set up in device and user mode. Some of the extensions have direct dial numbers. We would like to configure the system to pass the extension CID when making an outbound call. However, we can’t get the system to send the extension CID and override the outbound route CID.

What settings have to be configured to get this to work?

Further update. Looking in the logs, Freepbx appears to be over riding the CID on the extension, even though no over riding setting has been configured as far as I know.

Just checking. On the Extension you have entered a value in the Outbound CID field similar to “Desired Name” including the quotes?

And you’re sure your provider isn’t overriding your CID settings?

In the extension outbound CID we just have the number in chevrons e.g. <01234987654>
In the outbound route and on the trunk we have the main CID. It looks like in the Freepbx log that it it is Freepbx over riding the extension CID.

And the “Override Extension” box isn’t checked on the outbound routes? If you have more than one route, they’re all unchecked?

The Override Extension box is not checked on the outbound route and we only have the one outbound route.

I’m sorry. I’m stumped then as well. I’ve done this on our system by changing the Outbound caller ID to “Name Here” <1112223333> so my only other GUESS is that your provider is overriding your setting.

Issue has been resolved. Problem was with the trunk settings. There was a typo with sendrpid=yes
Once corrected the extension Caller ID was passsed successfully.

I’m having this issue right now on FreePBX v13.0.124. COuld it be something in this build? My older machine v12.0.76.3 doesn’t have this issue.