Passing calls from box to another

there are 2 installed freepbx boxes…one has zaptel card and another that our phones registered on,…i made an IAX trunk between them for the outbound calls…

i want to pass any incoming calls on the Zaptel from the 1st box to the IVR of the second box directly .

how to make it in the “Inbound Routes”…any suggestions?

If I understand correctly, you have two boxes setup. One for the zap cards and one for the phones.

Can you transfer a call manually from zap box to phone box? if so then create a misc destination that points to the extension on the phone box. Then in your ivr use that misc destination.

So when a person calls in they hit 1 in the ivr and that goes to misc destination 100 which is an extension on the other box.


yes you understand well…but i don’t want to use misc destination, and i don’t want to use an option in the IVR…i want to transfer calls directly automatically.

i am thinking in an idea. but i don’t know if it’s correct or not…can i create an device/user extension of any number not used in the zap box. and then i edit it to make
dial:SIP/[email protected] of the Other box

and then in the inbound routes i direct any DID/any CID to that core
as well as in the phones box i make inbound route to the IVR.

will it work or not?


I would do the same thing, make an extension on box A with the PSTN trunks and the set it to dial. If you have Box B register an IAX trunk with BOX A you can dial any valid destination on BOX B with the followign dial string on BOX A IAX/BOXB/xxxx

Just replace Box B with the trunk name you configure. With the technique you can dial ring groups or individual extensions on the remote system.

let me know more detailed steps please
for example…i will create a new extension on box A (that owns zaptel) and i will edit it as follow
dial IAX/BOXB Trunk name/xxxx
xxxx: a valid extension that’s already existed on box B
can i put it 7777 to go directly to the IVR of box B?

if so, is that all i have to edit?

Yes, that’s all you have to do, set up extensions as a Device - Custom. Then put the /
IAX/BOXB/7777 that will take you to the IVR. whenever you dial the extension number you setup on box A.