Passing all calls from Acme SBC to FreePBX


I have FREEPBX 2.7.0 installed. Internal(Extension) calls are working.

I want to setup Freepbx to receive all calls from a Acme SBC and then pass these calls to different outbound VSP routes based on the destination prefix.

The calls will originate from calling card users from PSTN/Mobile and hit ACME SBC which would pass these calls to FreePBX server as SIP calls.

I need some guidance on how I can make this work on FreePBX.

Thanks in advance

First, FreePBX uses Asterisk and Asterisk is a lousy B2B UA.

Certainly you could hack up a dial plan in FreePBX to do what you want, all you have to do is setup the trunk to the Acme Net-Net box and one to the VSP.

Will the VSP not accept your reinvite? Why would you want to insert another transoding hop in the media path?

Why can’t the Acme trunk directly to the VSP?

Have you looked at a pure SIP router like OpenSIPS?

Thanks for reply.

To answer your questions:
Actually I want to add a2billing to this setup to rate the calls, that’s why i have chosen FreePBX. Since both of these are open source.
( Also because I have spent a couple weeks with sleepless nights and headaches while setting up a2billing :))

Now regarding this test setup, first I want to make it work without a2billing.

For the outbound trunk/route to VSP I will setup later.

At the moment I need help in setting up FreePBX trunk and route configuration for receiving calls from Acme box.

1- For this trunk what should be the “outgoing settings” , “Incoming Settings” and “Register String” ?

2- Do I need to configure a “Inbound” or “Outbound” route for this.

Excuse my basic questions please

Integrating a2billing and FreePBX is a complex task. You need to have a complete understanding of what you are setting out to do.

I still don’t understand the role of FreePBX as the SBC is a charging gateway (per 3GPP definition) and will expert billing records via a published SOAP interface.

If you are billing and have customers (internal or external) on this platform I would think you would want to understand what you are doing.

The combination of inbound, outbound and registration string is entirely dependent on your environment and design. If the SBC or your VSP requires registration certainly you need a registration string.

Inbound and outbound settings simply create SIP peers from Asterisk’s perspective. If you can craft a peer that will work for both inbound and outbound then you don’t need both.

Have you read any documentation on FreePBX, trunks and Asterisk?

This page at voip-info describes all of the variables you can use in your FreePBX trunk settings. Remember with FreePBX you don’t have to manually configure files so ignore any references to the files and just concentrate on what the variables do.

A2billing is complex is uses it’s own AGI script. How you interface FreePBX with A2billing is not something I can help you with. I don’t suspect you will find anyone in these forums with much experience in this area.

Have you used the a2billing forums yet?

You may consider purchasing support from the Star2billing folks and the FreePBX support team to make sure you have addresses all of your issues.