Passing *70 to pstn line

sorry if this has been covered but my search through forum has come up blank.

setup: freepbx 2.9, tdm400p (2 lines), spa941 phones, (in UK)

i have the freepbx box set up with two pstn lines and two sip trunks
for selecting the pstn i dial 9 plus number and 8 plus number for the other. I appreciate there are other ways to do this but feel comfortable with this.

one of the pstn lines (the one i dial 8 for) has the ability to forward calls using the telco providers service. usually do this to an answering service i use.

i’d like to pass to the pstn line *70(pause)[number diverted to] to switch on divert and #70 to switch off diversion. so far can’t get the asterisk or hash to pass onto the line so have a standard phone inline to accomplish this right now

current dial plan is the embarrasingly simple 8|XXXXXXXXXXX

any help would be greatly appreciated
thanks in advance

You can get a dial tone by dialing 66 (or whatever prefix you want) using this rule:


which would enable you to manually input the *70 and DID.


thanks for that to be honest wasn’t aware you could do that. thanks