Pass DID Between 2 FreePBX server

I hope someone can help me with that:
My Situation:
I have 2 FreePBX server,
FreePBX1 have a trunk from our provider and receive the call first, FreePBX1 have a couple of extension configured.
FreePBX2 have a trunk from FreePBX1 (one of the extension of the FreePBX1)
Inbound route of FreePBX1 to Extension linked to FreePBX2 and everything work fine.
But Now I need to setup 2 Inbound route on FreePBX2, and the problem is that the DID is not passed thru FreePBX1 to FreePBX2 so the DID Specific inbound route is not working on FreePBX2.
I make it work with a Set Caller ID on FreePBX1 and a CID Inbound Route on FreePBX2, but the problem is the redial or notifications on the phone show the CID number and don’t show the real Caller ID.

What I want is to pass the DID from FreePBX1 to FreePBX2 directly. So Inbound Route on FreePBX2 will work as expected.


Can be done with custom dialplan, but not a trivial exercise. You will find an example in this post which you may be able to adapt:

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