Pass caller id to external number in ring group

Is it possible to pass the original caller id to an external number that is part of a ring group (XXXXXXXXXX#)?

Yes. If your provider doesn’t block it.

How do I check if they do block thuis and if so what is the end result?

just try it out?

I’ve personally experienced the following results:

  • call seems to come from original caller
  • number of (your) used trunk is shown
  • call is shown as anonymous

I’m using frynga. Anyone familiar with them and this feature? Btw they demand numbers to be verified before being able to used as CID, so maybe this gives it away?

Frynga is one of ~69 Betamax/Dellmont brands. AFAIK they all work the same, but with differing rates, surcharges, promos, etc. In my experience, the retail brands do not permit sending arbitrary caller ID, though you might ask several whether it’s possible e.g. by sending P-Asserted-Identity. For example, see[]=148 .

Will you be forwarding to NL mobile? Which operator? Will the original callers number always be from EU?

Can you explain me what you mean by “P-Asserted-Identity.” the link you sent point to calling rates :slight_smile:

The provider is KPN if I’m not misstaken.

P-Asserted-Identity is a SIP header that some providers will accept and use for the outbound caller ID. If you are using pjsip, see the Send RPID/PAI option in the advances settings for the trunk. For chan_sip, see the entries for sendrpid in .

However, I don’t know whether this will work for Frynga (or any other Betamax brand); you can ask them or experiment.

It does work with many other providers, but those that I know that pass CLI reliably have rates that are considerably higher than Frynga. The new EU regulations make it tough to find what you want, because most providers quote rates to cover their maximum cost, which can be much higher when the calling number is outside the EU. Is there a local provider with reasonable rates?

Possibly one of these (from telecomsxchange) will pass CLI to your mobile at a price you’re willing to pay. These rates are in US$/min.

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