PARTIALLY SOLVE: Add new EXT => Whoops \ Exception \ ErrorException (E_WARNING) A non-numeric value encountered

Hi, tried to add a new PJSIP extension, 301, and gui responds with:
Whoops \ Exception \ ErrorException (E_WARNING)
A non-numeric value encountered


if (!defined('FREEPBX_IS_AUTH')) { die('No direct script access allowed'); }
/** parking_check_extensions
 * Short extension registry callback
 * Long callback that checks for conflicts in extensions that are passed to it
 * or if passed boolean true, list all the extensions generated by this module.
function parking_check_extensions($exten=true) {
    $extenlist = array();
    if (is_array($exten) && empty($exten)) {
        return $extenlist;
    $lots = parking_get('all');
    foreach ($lots as $id => $lot) {
        $parkext     = $lot['parkext'];
        $parkpos1    = $lot['parkpos'];
        $parkpos2    = $parkpos1 + $lot['numslots'] - 1;
        if (!is_array($exten) || in_array($parkext, $exten)) {
            $extenlist[$parkext]['description'] = sprintf(_("ParkPlus: ParkCall %s"), $lot['name']);
            $extenlist[$parkext]['status'] = _('INUSE');
            $extenlist[$parkext]['edit_url'] = 'config.php?display=parking&id=' . $id;
        for($thisexten = $parkpos1; $thisexten <= $parkpos2; $thisexten++) {
            if (is_array($exten) && !in_array($thisexten, $exten)) {
            $extenlist[$thisexten]['description'] = sprintf(_("ParkPlus: PickupSlot %s"),$lot['name']);
            $extenlist[$thisexten]['status'] = _('INUSE');
            $extenlist[$thisexten]['edit_url'] = 'config.php?display=parking&id=' . $id;
    return $extenlist;
/** parking_recordings_usage
 * Short recordings usage callback by this module


"A non-numeric value encountered"

Wondering if anyone else has same issue. The server is FreePBX Distro
All modules are up to date.


UPDATE: in Parking module (which was never used for this FreePBX Server) it seemed to want parking info. So used the example. Once that was done, able to add new PJSIP

That tells you that you tried to use something other then a number for the extension when trying to create one. Extensions can only be numbers.

Actually, I updated the original above. The problem is with Parking module.

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