Partial upgrade to 12.0.65?

Attempted an upgrade on one of our systems this morning-

FPBX distro - 5.211.65-21
Asterisk 11

Updated using the update tool module.

After running the tool, updating all other modules (several rounds of updates), applying the configuration and then ‘amportal a ma refreshsignatures’ -

The System Status screen was also showing a flame icon (I took that as not good ;)) and “unable to find Asterisk results”. Under FreePBX Statistics, I didn’t see the normal graphs and instead there was a “PHP-MBSTRING isn’t installed” message. Resolved that.

Could not upgrade phonebook - keeps saying speeddial module not installed.

The system “seems” to be working, at least for incoming calls. I am not onsite and the business is closed today so I can’t check outgoing calls.

The FPBX GUI and System Status screen are showing 12.0.65. System Admin and the CLI are both still reporting 5.211.65-21. Do I need to still run the CLI upgrade script?


Then go install speeddial. It’s probably disabled pending upgrade.

Thanks for the reply Andrew!

If it was that easy, I’d have already done it :slight_smile: There is no speeddial module listed in Module admin and I couldn’t find any documentation on it in the wiki or forums.

It probably is that easy, I just don’t know how. A nudge in the right direction would be appreciated. :smile:


amportal a ma download speeddial
amportal a ma install speeddial

Thanks again Andrew! That cleared up the phonebook module and I have worked out everything else that I saw but I am still seeing 5.211.65-21 from the CLI and in the System Admin module. There are no other (outside of beta) upgrades available in module admin. I seem to be “stuck” somewhere in the middle.

Should I use the 5.211 to 6.12 upgrade script at the console or do you have another recommendation? Any other information I can give you?


You need to use the Distro Upgrade scripts to upgrade your Distro version. FreePBX module admin can only update FreePBX GUI modules.

Thanks Tony!

I was confused. I thought it you could use either the scripts or the Upgrade Tool Module. I didn’t realize I needed to do both.