Partial backup/restore to another machine

Hello all.
First time user here. I have been asked to look into some problems with a FreePBX machine for a friend. I have medium knowledge of linux and command line too, but haven’t touched FreePBX before.

To cut the story short: They have an older and a newer freepbx machines. However, it seems the newer was not configured properly by the person who did it, so in fact the older one is still used like 95% of time. I started looking into the new machine but the more I look the more it looks to me it will be faster and easier to start it from scratch.
So, here is my idea. I am aware of the backup/restore function but since I have no idea what exactly is messed up on the machine(s), is there a way to transfer just parts to a new clean installed machine?
I am mostly worried about transferring the IVRs (not just config, audio files too, where are they by the way?), the queues, the time conditions and extensions.

I know medium level linux, so if I need to SSH and copy some files using CLI that’s not an issue.

Anything that can be done about this? Thanks in advance.

You can’t transfer between versions.

You can move the audio manually.

And where is the audio?

When you say you can’t transfer, does that mean the backup/restore won’t work too? I think I found on google a post saying a backup from 2.2.x was restored onto 2.4.x.