Parking Pro 13.0.25 Breaks all parking lots except default lot 70

I have the Parking Lot Module upgraded to 13.0.17 and Parking Pro to 13.0.25 it breaks all other parking lots

I am running asterisk 13 w/ FreePBX 13.

If i downgrade the Parking pro Module to 13.0.20 it works just fine.

The issue is when I send a call to lot 90 it tries to go out the PRI vs dialing the parking lot.

Here are my Lots

70 71-75 Default Lot
81 82-86 Fire Department
90 91-95 Public Works

This is already resolved in parkpro v13.0.26 which has been in edge for a while

what is the module name

fwconsole ma upgrade parkingpro --edge
fwconsole stop
fwconsole start

nevermind i got it

I have this same issue with multiple parking lots. Using the example above, putting a call directly on 91, actually puts the call on 71. I have Parking Pro 13.0.26

You need to open a ticket up with commercial module support.

Thank you