Parking Lots Not Telling Which Lot Caller is Being Put Into

Just moved over to FreePBX from Digium Switchvox.

We’re using D-series phones configured using EndPoint Manager. I’ve added the Park key into the phones’ softkey menus so that it’s the same layout as it was when we had with the Switchvox.

We’re having trouble when our users park calls. When we park calls in the parking lot we don’t have a way of knowing which parking lot the call went into. For example, our parking lot is 700 using spaces 701-709. But when we park it doesn’t tell us if the call went into space 701 or 702.

Is this an issue because of the softkey config, or is there a way to make it tells us which lot the user is being put into?

Thanks in advance!

Capture a debug of the call. We can see how the park is invoked from the dialplan.

Providing Great Debug - Support Services - Sangoma Documentation (

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