Parking lot timeout disconnects at whatever the amt of seconds are

When a call is placed on park, it will be disconnected whenever the timeout should occur. So for example, If I have the timeout set to 90 seconds and the destination set to Come Back to Origin. (I also have the destination set to a queue because it wont let me leave it blank) Once the caller is parked for 90 seconds they get dropped. I’ve tried 300 seconds and I’ve tried 10 seconds. No matter what the time limit is, it always gets dropped at the configured time. ( if 90 seconds, it will drop after 90 seconds. 300 seconds, it will drop at 300 seconds)

I’ve tried a yum update already but that didn’t help.

Asterisk 11.14.2

I’m trying to add the CLI I captured but its saying “New users can only mention 2 users in a post…”

You need to put it in code blocks.