Parking Lot Pro CourtesyTone

Hi there,
I just bought parking lot pro for our server that replaced an old 3COM setup, and set up parking lots for different departments, one complaint I keep getting now is the loud beep when picking up a parked call, especially if it’s on speakerphone. I found where someone worked around this by commenting out “courtesytone=beep” in /etc/asterisk/features_general_additional.conf but that file gets rewritten by freepbx as soon as I make any changes. Is there any plans to have a toggle switch or something in the module to take out the courtesy tone? Or possibly adding a line to features_general_custom.conf? I tested simply renaming the beep.ulaw file, but that breaks parking lot and calls are hung up on when you retrieve them.
I also tried switching “Pickup Courtesy Tone” in the module from “Caller” to “Parked” but other than changing the “parkedplay” entry in features_general_custom.conf from callee to caller, it didn’t seem to change behavior, it only and always seems to beep on our end no matter what(that’s an asterisk forum post I assume).

Any guidance would be appreciated!

Put your changes in the last included file, features_general_custom.conf or whatever it is.

Asterisk will take the last value.

Don’t forget to do a core reload to pickup the changes you make from Asterisk CLI

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