Parking Lot Pro configuration help

We are using FreePBX 13.0.2 and I’m trying to get our licensed Parking Pro 13.0.7 module setup. But let me start by saying I’m not even sure if Parking Lot is what we need or if there is something better we should be using.

When a call comes and is answered there are 4 people that we don’t want to transfer the call to directly. That’s because they may need to prioritize who gets picked up first. So under the old (Trixbox) system we would just transfer to the parking lot and say “So and So is in the parking lot” and then it was a guessing game if they were in 71, 72, etc.

We are wanting to at the very least hear some kind of announcement when we transfer a call to the Parking Lot so we know where that person is. So right now the Parking Lot Extension is 70, Starting position is 71 with 8 slots. How can we transfer a call into the Parking Lot and hear which slot the call goes into? How do we then pick that call back up?

I’d love it if there was a way to see this visually. I guess this is what iSymphony is for? We’ve never used it.

Sorry to noob it up. It is Monday and my brain is apple sauce still.

I have this partially working. We can transfer to 70 and the call goes there. No big deal. I figured out we have to do the *270 to be able to hear an announcement of where the call is going.

Once I park the call I am unable to get back to the call. When I dial 71 it just sits there forever and never connects. If I dial 72 it tells me no call is parked there (and same if no call is parked on 71.