Parking Issues

I have several FreePBX15 systems that have issues with parking from Digium D series phones.

3 different sights now with different network equipment experience the same thing.

All sites are FreePBX 15
Asterisk 16
Sangoma D series phones (mix of D40, D62 D65)
Cloud based PBX on Vultr
Some sites have direct site to site VPN with the PBX others are using the built in OpenVPN on the phones.


When the user tries to park a call, nothing happens. Sometimes if they press park again it will park the call.

When a user tries to retrieve a parked call from the list on the phone by highlighting the call and pressing “dial” it won’t connect the call.

This started happening earlier this summer at one site at first, then another and now I have 4 sites doing this. I worked through it with Sangoma support earlier this year and they basically just gave up an told me it was a network issue. I was willing to believe that then but not now. I have too many sites with different network setups and hardware for it to be a network issue.

Anyone seeing similar issues?

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