Parking issue

so i have a freepbx that has been installed for some time the current issue is very strange

I am using grandstream GXP2130s

when extension 7484 tried to park a call and dials extension 7488 to let them know someone is on park 71 for them the call is transferred instead of being parked. this only happens when 7484 tried to park a call for 7488 we have tested the issue with all the other extensions and they all work properly.

things i have tried firmware updates on both phones. rebooting both phones. recreations of both extensions (kept the sames numbers for the extensions) and rebooting the phone system. the issue seems to come and go as well.

I am super lost I can see that the call is being parked in parking slot 71 but why would it be doing a transfer when 7484 is just trying to dial 7488?

logs will help us help you

what type of log would be helpful?

The ones relevant to you problem perhaps ?

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I would go over the programming in phone for 7484. It sounds like what is happening is the call is placed in parking slot 71 but the caller is not transferred until you hit transfer again.

First, can that phone hit Transfer and then dial 71 and Transfer to park a call in slot 71?
If that works, perhaps the dial plan in the phone is not processing the two digits to park the call. See if hitting Transfer and then 71# works correctly.

Check the phone’s dial plan to see if it matches that in your other phones.

Finally, have you defined a call park button on the phone assigned to slot 71? You can use a BLF key or a Call Park key and put the slot you want to use in the Value field of the button.

If all else fails, factory default the two phones, update the firmware on them, put in all the provisioning information again and try again to see if the problem persists.

And finally, according to the GXP21xx admin guide, you set up a call park button like this. Pay attention to the transfer mode. It should be set to Blind transfer:

  • Transfer Mode via VPK

Allows users to configure “Transfer” VPK to do either Blind or Attended Transfer. They can also set their Transfer key to make a new call with the configured number.

Report back with your findings.

I have already factory reset the phone and updated firmware and reconfigured. I have not tired parking directly to slot 71 when they get back into the office Monday i will have someone try. i have had them try transferring directly to 70 and hanging up and then dialing 7488 but it for some reason just transfers the parked call to 7488.
we have setup a call park (70) VMPK for all phones that announces which lot they are being placed into. when this happens it announces 71 and the caller is placed on hold but when 7484 picks the phone backup and dials 7488 7488 is getting 2 calls one from the caller and from 7484. but this only happens between these two extensions the other 20 extensions have no issues

I will have to get the logs on Monday for further troubleshooting and finding out what going on I’m not and expert on freePBX so when things don’t work as intended I don’t really know where to look. I appreciate all the fast responses this forum is always a big help I will report back on monday

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