Parking app - Park to a different lot

How do I tell the parking app what parking lot to park a call to?

I don’t have the parkinglot app to test w/ on my test server… would changing the “parking_lot_extension” setting in the digium XML files change what parking lot to send to?

Call Parking - Phones - Documentation (

Parking Module - PBX GUI - Documentation (

Parking Module User Guide - PBX GUI - Documentation (

none of those articles addresses what I’m seeing. Maybe I worded it incorrectly.

I have the Park Pro module and I created 2 additional parking lots. Group A (Extension 80 slots 81 thru 88) and Group B (Extension 90 slots 91 thru 98). I left Default alone (Extension 70 slots 71 thru 78).

I assigned extension 1001 to Group A and 2001 to Group B under the “other” settings tab in each extension.

I then test the setup using the parking app on the phones to park a call, however they get assigned to the Default parking lot (extension 70, slot 1), not their respective lots.

How are you invoking the call park?

Horizontal Softkey > Park (DPMA App)

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