Parked Calls (blinking RED BLF vs solid RED) (Yealink / Fanvil)

Without changing anything inside of the UI of the phone …

Using SangomaOS

Yealink phones:
When calls are parked (70) the BLF for the LOT (71) goes solid RED

Fanvil phones:
When calls are parked (70) the BLF for the LOT (71) is blinking RED
Because of this: we have switched to Fanvil phones

We want blinking RED for parked calls (not) solid RED
Staff like having a blinking RED light to know to press it and answer

I mention this again because today using FusionPBX, we discovered after building parking …

Yealink phones: blink RED (desired) (1st time we’ve seen this)
We changed NOTHING in the UI of the phone for this feature to work
Yealink has nothing in the UI (that works) to allow one to set BLF buttons status (the BLF state feature is worthless IMHO)

Fanvil phones: blink RED (desired)
We changed NOTHING in the UI of the phone for this feature to work
This does work under SangomaOS
NOTE: The UI for Fanvil phones allows you to pick a state for a BLF (solid, blinking) and the default is to blink for parked calls

Why is it: FusionPBX allows for parked calls to blink RED on Yealink phones (where-as) SangomaOS and Yealink phones go to solid RED?

Can we tell FPBX to send the right command to tell the phone(S) to blink?

Right now: the PBX logic is sending the command(s) to tell the phone(s) to be solid.

No, it is totally up to the phone as to how to react to a NOTIFY message which is all the FPBX server can send.

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Have you, and I know I’m really stretching when asking this, actually done debugging? Have you by chance actually looked at a NOTIFY being sent from FreePBX/Asterisk and one being sent by FusonPBX/FreeSwitch? You know to compare them and see what differences are in the SIP packet?

Have you looked at the differences between the two platforms, at all? What state definition things are in on each system? Differences in anything?

Actually, Yealink (forum) from their own developers are saying for the phone to blink: it is function of the PBX logic (parking module).

But: if it is something to do with the logic on the endpoint: I’m willing to try what it takes to have a Yealink phone using FPBX parking “blink”.

In a nutshell:
I don’t know what to try anymore because this is an older concern, and since it just “blinks out of the box” on FPBX parked calls when using Fanvil enpoints: we settled on using them.

If you can offer tips to try: I’ll do them, etc.

Hi BlazeSudios:

No. I have not looked at NOTIFY messages (from each PBX type).
Glad we have sngrep as a tool for this though.

If I got a few sample NOTIFY messages from both PBX systems: should I put them here for others to see and examine?

Thanks for this tip.

Sure, post a pastebin or something.

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