Parked Call issues

I successfully setup my first PBX system a few months ago at work. So far I have been able to find answers to most problems here on this forum so thanks to the developers and everybody that helps out on here!

2 questions.

  1. The biggest complaint I’m getting right now is the length of time it takes to park a call. The users want to press a button and hangup. This is a small business with 1 secretary that answers calls(or IVR if not available) and usually parks the calls for one of the 4 other extesions. I’ve setup a “Park” EFK softkey on the Polycoms using the command “$Cp1$*270”. Due to the nature of how the Parked calls module works, you of course have to wait for the automated voice to tell you which slot is assigned to the call. It takes ~6 seconds from the time the button is pressed til they heare the slot #. If the user hangs up ANY before hearing the slot # the call is lost. Is there anyway to decrease the time on this without resorting to customizing asterisk files?

  2. I referred to this in the 1st question. Is there a way to have the call sent to the first parked slot if the user hangs up before hearing the slot #? Or at least have the call returned to the original user?

System Info

Initial FreePBX Distro install 5.211.65-2; currently 5.211.65-6

Polycom 301’s upgraded to 321 firmware

I believe I have tried that,
I believe I have tried that, or something very similar and if I remember correctly it was fast/normal, but it did something weird or didn’t work.

I’ll give it another shot on Monday, thanks.

Its a issue with how Polycom is doing the transfer. First they put it on hold which is the first MOH you hear. Then once it determines its being parked it does a transfer to park which restarts the MOH.

What happens if you just dial ## then parking slot then #. How fast is that. I know with Aastra we just program a speeddial to be ##70# and it parks it in a second.

Thanks for the suggestion. That definitely sped it up but the caller hears the MOH and then the call is dropped.

I forgot to add this to my first post, but the moh starts when the call is parked then when the system transfers to the parking lot the music restarts. Sounds like a bug, not sure if its the way Polycom handles the call or what.

Any improvement if you ad a “#” at the end of your park string like “$Cp1$*270#”


Took longer than I thought to check into this, but I changed my Park softkey command to $Cp1$##70# and its now ~1 second before the slot is announced… Thanks! MOH still restarts, but its only a split second now instead of about 3 seconds into the audio.