Park Recall

Is there a way to know when a Parked call is recalling. We have a few customers that use the park feature and they never know if it is a new call or a recall from a parked caller. If I use the settings for “Orphaned” it works fine and I can add “Park” to the orphaned call when the orginal parker of the call does not answer.

I have posted this a few different forums a with the same result … no one knows? I can’t believe that no one else has ever wanted this as a feature or had any complaints about “Park Recall”. How could any operator know when a caller is recalling from a “PARK” zone. I understand that the “Orphaned” call can be prefixed with a Name and that works great right out of the Box with FreePBX (awesome). But the original parker of the call on the first recall has no idea if it is a new caller or a recall from “Park” so she must answer the recall as if it were a new call :frowning:

Is this an Asterisk limitation? Can I insert something into the dial plan to do this?

I have found this to be the same in any version of Asterisk 1.4.x or 1.6.x
The same with Freepbx 2.5.x 2.6.x 2.7.x

Thanks in advance for any help!


I doubt this is an Asterisk limitation. I fully understand what you’re saying and have observed the same behavior myself. I’d recommend an enhancement or feature request through the FreePBX v2 Bug/Feature Request after searching to see if anyone else has requested it.

Here’s the link:

Until 1.6 there wasn’t much support to do anything in this arena. I wrote a patch to Asterisk for 1.2 and 1.4 in conjunction with a ‘secret’ amportal.conf setting that would allow the CID prefix and alert info to be prepend-ed to returned calls as well as the destination to be used when returned.

Starting with version 1.6 there is some help but the parameters are different then the patch. The following parameters from the feature.conf sample file would help (this is out of 1.6.2):

;comebacktoorigin = yes ; Whether to return to the original calling extension upon parking
        ; timeout or to send the call to context 'parkedcallstimeout' at
        ; extension 's', priority '1' (default is yes).

However, as you can see it’s really just a question of sending the call back to the parker or another destination (the orphaned one probably). If the latter, you can then do the work in dialplan to do the pre-pending.

Now it may be very possible to take existing channel information (or add it in the normal call process) so that all timeouts can be directed to another context, where we could then do any prepending CID information (or other manipulation) prior to sending it to the original parker or the otherwise the timeout destination depending on configuration.

However - as you can see, this is a bit involved and is not present until 1.6 so it’s not likely to see the changes anytime soon though the above mentioned feature request has been entered into the ticket. You are welcome to experiment with dialplan similar to what I suggested that would redirect the timedout call to a new context for pre-procesing before sending to the original parker.

Thanks for the information … looking at features.conf now with 1.6.2 I will post back what I can figure out. Thanks for the quick response.