Park pro and Yealink "Call Park" does not function with FreePBX v15 with asterisk v16

Many years ago we switch the “valet” key on our Yealink deployments from DTMF ##70# to CallPark *88. Customers do not hear the beep beep beep and they do hear a pleasant sounding voice saying “71” when the caller is parked into 71, etc. We like and customers like it.

We are upgrading people from FreePBX v13 / asterisk 13 / ChanSIP to FreePBX v15 / asterisk 16 / PJSIP. After the upgrade, Yealink phone CallPark *88 keys do not function. We are having to move the keys back to DTMF ##70#, much to client dissatisfaction. This seems to only be an issue with Park Pro and multiple parking lots. We have many clients that have multiple lots, so it has become a significant issue for us.

What do we need to do to make CallPark *88 keys work in FreePBX v15 / asterisk 16 / PJSIP extensions?

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