Park calls in predetermined lot using dss key with prefix

FreePBX 14.0.11
Asterisk 16.3.0
Parking Pro
Phones: Yealink T46S (latest firmware)

We have installed a system with 30 phones in a small specialist hospital.
There is a requirement that doctors be paged (intercom) while dealing with a case and they can ask to have the call parked which they can then pickup from any phone in the network at a later time. We have determined that giving each doctor their own parking lot extension number the same as their normal extension number (as close as we can) and with only 1 slot provides the functionality we require. For example, Dr David’s normal extension is 120 and his parking extension is 9120.
We therefore set up a parking lot for each doctor;
In EPM, we setup dss key as:
Type – Park
Label – Park
Value – no value
When the person parking the call wishes to do so they hit the Park key and enter “9120”. If they accidentally forget the 9, then they are transferred to extension 120.
My question is, can I get the PARK functionality when the hit the PARK dss key to automatically prefix the extension with “9” so that all people have to do to park a call is hit PARK and then key the particular extension number, in this case 120?
I have tried every variation of the dss key with a Type of “Park” or “Prefix” that I can think of but to no avail. DTMF works but that is REALLY ugly.
The concept of parking a call in a default lot and advising the slot used will not work in this environment.

If all the extensions are in the 100 block. Don’t make lots of 1 slot lots. Just make a big one with 99 slots.

How you transfer with a key has choices.

In this scenario, just teach people to transfer to 9+ext to park and then teach them to simply dial 9+ext to pick it up.

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